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Car care can be intimidating, often because people don’t know what to check on their vehicles – or when to check it – to keep them in good working condition.

A recent survey by the Car Care Council found that 38 percent of cars had low or dirty engine oil, more than 50 percent had low tyre pressure and an alarming number of vehicles had not been properly maintained.

Being proactive about vehicle maintenance will not only keep your vehicle in good condition, but save you time and money as well. Here are some guidelines for what to check, and when, from our experts Essendon Panels:

* Every other fuel fill-up: engine oil and washer fluid.

* Every oil change: antifreeze, air filter and battery.

* Monthly: belts, brake fluid, hoses, power steering fluid, tire air pressure, tire tread depth and overall condition, and transmission fluid.

* Every six months: wiper blades.

* Annually: exhaust system.

* Replace when out or worn: lights, shock absorbers.

* Refer to vehicle owner’s manual: change oil, rotate tyres.

We also recommend that drivers keep an emergency kit in their vehicles. This too can be confusing, as people don’t always know what to include in an emergency kit. Especially if you have a car smash and need us!

Here are a few items we suggest you have to help prepare for unforeseen circumstances on the road:

* Jumper cables

* Flashlight and batteries

* Reflector

* Protective gloves

* Toolkit

* Flares and matches

* Gallon of water

* Nonperishable food

* Portable air compressor

* Auto Club membership card

* In the winter months: a shovel, bag of kitty litter or sand and a blanket.

With a basic car care checklist to help keep your vehicle running well and a comprehensive vehicle emergency kit, you can drive with confidence knowing that you’ll be prepared for any “bump in the road.”

Here at Essendon Panels we can help you take care of everything, from your excess and a hire car while your car is being repaired. We can even call your insurance company for you, and do all the running around for you. We offer this service complementary.

We help many local car owners if they have been involved in a car accident. If you need a car smash repair quote after an accident simply CONTACT US at Essendon Panels first, and we will handle your insurance claim for you and can provide you with a brand new loan car whilst your car is being repaired.

The EP Team