Here at Essendon Panels we repair all makes and models of cars, and we are luxury car panel beaters specialists. We personally take care of all your insurance paperwork, and ensure you get the best possible service, with the minimal inconvenience to you. We have been in Essendon for over 40 years and we know how to make sure your luxury car repairs are stress-free. So if you have had a car accident and need a panel beater quote, call us on (03) 9379 7349. Remember we also have brand new loan cars you can use whilst your car is being repaired, simply enquire with our friendly staff when you book your car in.

Whether you drive a Jaguar or a BMW, luxury sport sedans with four doors usually only accommodate a passenger capacity of five people maximum. Powerful horsepower, superior comfort and you fast become the envy of your friends and family.

According to an exclusive survey of the industry-supplied car sales figures, more than one in 10 new vehicles sold has a premium badge or is a luxury vehicle. This is the highest luxury car sales ever in Australia, almost double the year 2000 luxury car sales, where 20 per cent of the luxury cars were locally produced Fords and Holdens.

In the late 1990s Ford and Holden sold over 10,000 luxury cars like Statesman, Fairlane and LTD s. Then they died off, and eventually only the Holden Caprice was in the race. But they only accounted for 1218 sales, and many were to fleets and governments.

Us Australians love bespoke luxury brands, especially European. Sales targets are high, and many are often surpassed before the end of the year.

AUDI took a while their game to grow, but now they have shown continual growth and strength in sales since the early 2000s. AUDI has no experienced an eight-fold increase in its Australian sales in 15 years recently and still continue to dominate the luxury car market in Australia.

Here at Essendon Panels we work with many luxury car owners. If you need a luxury car smash repair quote, after an accident simply CONTACT us at Essendon Panels first, and we will handle your insurance claim for you and can provide you with a brand new loan car whilst your car is being repaired.

The Essendon Panels Team