It really sucks when you need a panel beater to repair your smashed car. We all put our cars through so much on the roads, and we desperately need our cars to keep with with all the tasks we have to do in our current day lives! But if you’re not careful, you will have a car accident, and require a smash repairer, like Essendon Panels!  So we try to recommend to our customers ways to avoid a car accident. We have been repairing cars in Essendon for over 40 years and we’ve seen it all.

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Car accidents can be tragic, and we hear about them all the time. You only have to turn on the news and soon you will be hearing about a fatal or near fatal car smash. Often near where you live! It can be surreal. Most people know of simple ways to avoid car accidents, but how many drivers consciously practice safe driving methods each time they are behind the wheel?

When driving our cars we rarely think about the actual task of driving. We are so busy running errands and just trying to keep on top of our day. We try to do too many things at once, like talking on the phone while going somewhere! It is no wonder that car accidents are happening with increasing frequency when we look at the increasing busyness and need for multi-tasking in our society today.

One of the key ways to avoid a car accident is for you, as a driver, to really pay attention to the task at hand. Don’t multi-task when driving especially when on busy roads or through crowded intersections. Keep your mobile phone turned off or get one of those new headphones that allows your hands to remain on the wheel as you talk. And don’t even attempt to read a book or to glance through the newspaper as you drive to work as I see too many drivers doing. Women are often driving and applying last touches to their makeup all the time. Avoid these and other distractions as you drive. The more you are focused on driving alone, the less likely it is that you will get into a car accident.

Another obvious but important way to avoid a car accident is to obey all of the road rules and traffic signals. It is far less likely that you will wind up in a car accident if you are obeying the speed limit. Yes, the speed limit. How many of us drive under or at the speed limit in every situation? Hardly any I would say. If you can slow down a few miles per hour and avoid a car accident then I’d say it is well worth it.

Don’t slow down to watch a car accident, if you pass one. Always watch the road. Car accidents by drivers looking at car accidents they are driving past! Don’t play games while driving either!

The bottom line is that all driving carries a risk of a car accident. While you cannot totally prevent an accident from happening, you can take steps of caution and wisdom to lessen your chances of a car accident happening to you.

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