As local panel beaters in Esssendon we often have people call us first, when they have been involved in a car accident. And that is the RIGHT thing to do – because we can take care of all your insurance paperwork, and ensure you get the best possible service, with the minimal inconvenience to you.

We have been here in Essendon for over 40 years and we know how to ensure your car smash is not the worst possible thing that could happen.  So if you have had a car accident and need a panel beater quote, please call us on (03) 9379 7349. Remember we also have brand new loan cars you can use whilst your car is being repaired, simply enquire with our friendly staff when you book your car in.

You’ve Had A Car Accident, Now What?

You are driving today, like any other day. Running errands, going to and from work, picking up shopping, visiting friends. There is nothing different about this day except BAM – You have collided with another car.

Maybe you just hit a tree (no other party involved).

Maybe you were rear ended by another car and your were NOT AT FAULT!

We understand there are multiple ways in which a car repair can come about.

So what is next? What should you do?

Here are some guidelines to help you through with your troubling problem.

1/ Stay Calm

After a car smash you can feel up to a varying and multiple amounts of emotions at the one time. This can adversely affect the way you handle the situation. Try to stay calm. Take some deep breaths, then you will be in a better way to handle the situation you are now confronted with.

2/ Check for Injuries

Depending on the seriousness of the accident, there may be people injured. If it is a minor injury you should try to assist the injured person asap. However, if it is you injured, look for someone to help you. Then as soon as you can, call for an ambulance 000.

3/ Call the Police

Once people involved are safe, call the Police on 000. Tell them about the accident and base your information on facts only. The location, the amount of cars involved, if there are injuries, if your cars are obstructing traffic, etc.

4/ Write everything down

Get the information of anyone directly involved in the accident and anyone who witnessed it. Many people later on, change their stories, so witnesses are REALLY important.

Make sure you collect their names, driver licence numbers, date of births, addresses etc.

5/ Take Photos With Your iPhone

You would be surprised how important those photos can be later on. Take photos of everything, car damage, car location, surrounding street signs and so on. Those photos show telling things – weather conditions, whose car is more likely at fault, the condition of the car and so on. Take as many photos as possible.

6/ Call Essendon Panels (for local car smashes)

As a local Essendon panel beater in Melbourne, we can assist you with your insurance lodgment and make sure you get the best possible repair job done as soon as possible. We also have brand new loan cars available at your disposal.

7/ Call your Insurance Company

If Essendon Panels (or your chosen car repairer) hasn’t already, you should call your car insurance company to ensure they process your claim asap.

8/ Call your Lawyer

If you think the situation has an unsavoury tone to it, maybe a potential law suit coming your way, then you should call your Lawyer and let them know what is going on. They can clarify any legal ramifications that you may questions about relating to your accident so that you know where you stand.

9/ Ask Questions

Especially if the Police attend, your insurance company and your Lawyer may give you information, but they will assume you know everything else. So ask questions, how long will repairs take, will my rating be affected, what are my out-of-pocket expenses be etc.

Even if you are remotely confused about something it is better to ask now rather than finding out how it can hurt you later. Remember if you need a car smash repair, after an accident simply CONTACT us at Essendon Panels first, and we will handle your insurance claim for you and can provide you with a brand new loan car whilst your car is being repaired.

The Essendon Panels Team